Across The Lake

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Re: Across The Lake

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In the same way that Top Gear had the Aston fridge at the end of the 'Cool Wall', is there possibly scope for a special 'Jayn700 padded cell' after 'Type III' on the idiot scale?
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Re: Across The Lake

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Mike Bull wrote:buying a clearly advertised photo of K777, then complaining that it wasn't the real K7, and then trying to re-sell it despite being asked not to by the original copyright holder
Is he selling copies or the original photo he bought? There's nothing wrong with the latter.
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Re: Across The Lake

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Cracking photos! :-)
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Re: Across The Lake

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Hopkins was the ideal bloke for the role... Kind of resembles Donald too
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Re: Across The Lake

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Pleasure to share the pics, Mike, it was a very special few days and quite eerie at times watching Hopkins perform repeating phrases so well known to Campbell enthusiasts. The thrill at the time was seeing the replica out on the lake even though there were some obvious differences, overall though for those of us not old enough to have witnessed the real thing this was a great chance to get a feel of those times.

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Re: Across The Lake

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FYI the DC7 number plate is on a dark blue Aston Martin convertible. I used to see it weekly driving around the Harpenden/Bovingdon area. Last saw it about 2 months ago. Middle aged blonde driving :D

Re Across The Lake, I bought the Australian release VHS as it is about 10 mins longer than the version shown by the BBc. I tried contacting many about getting it released, last response i had from BFI was it's never going to be released. I even know someone who contacted Anthony Hopkins management to see if he could help & they couldn't do anything either.
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Re: Across The Lake

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Theres a massive bunch of red tape surrounding this movie-I tried for years to find the actual owner of the film-which ostensibly is the Director but the ownership is mired in cross claims and half truths-even offering to buy the intellectual ownership of the movie was not possible-no one is claiming ownership-most of the problem being once the movie is made and released the production company normally is liquidated and the intellectual rights are transferred to a third party-which in this case does not seem to have happened. :cry:
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Re: Across The Lake

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I've spoken to Tony Maylam a few times, in in his words, "nothing to do with me any more".
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Re: Across The Lake

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It occurs to me that this would be a good project for someone with very deep pockets to take on (as in Google depth).

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Re: Across The Lake

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Someone is already doing that on fleabay, no idea what version they have copied but they have sold some.
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