10th Anniversary

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Re: 10th Anniversary

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Mike Bull wrote: As it happens we're cooking on gas here more so than ever- just the other day on the way home I remarked to Bill how 'up' everyone was at the end of each session, how much everyone was enjoying the riveting etc.
Me especialy gone from mainly doing workshop maintenence and filming to being more hands on doing the riveting even though both jobs are essential the riveting gives more of a sense of achivement
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Re: 10th Anniversary

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Hi Alain I know exactly what you mean mate although mine is a slightly different case. After many months infact years spent in the Preparation department (so much so I have had to have quarter zone injections to my right elbow) preparing a whole host of differing items it now feels all the hard work was worth while when you start hitting those rivets home. :D The feeling of exhilaration is fantastic for me anyway.

And don't worry I am very quick to give short shift to the doubting Thomas's and put people straight when they start moaning about the on going work of the Bluebird Project. "Whens it coming back"? Answer "when it is ready and not before, we are only doing this once and we are doing it right"! And we are not in a race that's a fact we never where.

"We can all sit in the comfort of an armchair and 'moan' but what do they know" :D

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