The Bluebird K3 Thread

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Re: The Bluebird K3 Thread

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Having been there at the start (I recall going to Thorpe Park to get her), it's brilliant seeing her back on the water. Me, I did as I was told to do, but if it weren't for the genius of Andy Taylor, Filching's own "Leo", it would have taken far longer.

K3 was always a dry boat, e.g, out of the water when not in use, but we did use quite a lot of "Sikoflex" before she was painted (in proper Rylard Llewelyn marine paint), so I'm pleased to hear she still is quite dry.

Small point, the original ping pong balls were in pillow cases, but only stayed in for some of the runs at Loch Lomond, can't remember why Leo said they took them out.

Karl is to be congratulated on seeing his dad's vision through, it's a fine sight to behold!
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Re: The Bluebird K3 Thread

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Have any plans been considered for getting K3 and K7 together, even if only on dry land?

For example, it would be wonderful if K3 could be on hand during K7 proving runs.

I realise that its entirely up to the teams involved, but, as I say, it would be nice.

Maybe a combined road visit to Beaulieu to meet CN7 once again.

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