Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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What a goof-everyone knows it's Loch Connyston :lol:
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Hi Mark-f further to your enquiry about the Radrord 1981 I was looking to buy a mini cooper, there was one for sale in exchange and mart. The car was in Welling, I rang the person selling it,he told me he had recently bought a farm and this car was in a barn,it started well,but was no use to him. So i went down immediately,he showed me the car and i fell in love with it. It was a chocolate bronze colour,but inside the door sills you couls see it use to be blue. He gave me a bunch of paperwork that went with it.. it was bought by Donald Campbell for his wife. He had it modified to include a 'record player' electric windows full leather interior. It flew when you put your foot down. Being a young naive boy. I didnt realise its importance and unfortunately had it stolen around 4 years after i bought it. I still regret and miss it to this day. Had someone offered to swap it for a ferrari then , i would have turned them down. The last numbers on reg plate were 604B but cant for the life of me remember the first
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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It wasn't registration number ( BLT 648 B ) by any chance was it ?
In stead of *** 604 B ?
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Anyone got any photo's of the interior of Donalds Bentley thats at Lakeland Motor Museum?

Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Thanks for the further info Savvy.

It sounds like it has gone the way of all things. Still, good to know the end of the story.

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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Probably old hat but I took these photos of Sir Malcolm/Donald's Bentley last year at the Lakeland Motor Museum...



Not the original colour of course!
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Would forum member Savvy be willing to speak to me about Campbell's Radford Mini?

I'm writing a newspaper feature about Campbell's cars and would greatly appreciate some further information on the Mini.

With Best Wishes,

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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Anyone know of Donald owning an AC Aceca between 56 and 58-ish?

Apparently he did and it's still around and undergoing restoration.
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Don't know about Donald but Ted's dad did.
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Re: Donald Campbell's Road Cars

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Tis true, (we) never go to see it though, must of got sold for nappies or visits to the pub....
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