DVD - Rebuilding Bluebird Part 2

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DVD - Rebuilding Bluebird Part 2

Post by Renegadenemo » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:40 am

In case you missed it our second DVD went live on the shop yesterday. It's 50 minutes long, shot by Keith the cameraman (a 20 year veteran of the BBC) and is being professionally burned. Every disc ordered in May 09 also comes with a signed certificate with a crumb of original blue paint so they're a fab collector's piece. The disc story starts at Argos Inspection where we x-rayed the frame, then it has unseen footage of both press conferences at PDS in Lancashire and the BBP workshop on Tyneside. The second half is the evening we spent in the workshop with Ken Warby making a seat pan for the boat. It's a great little film and now we're working on the third so if there's any thoughts out there on what might be included in that one we can start chatting about it now and hopefully work some of your ideas into it. This is, after all, everyone's project.
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