End of an Era

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End of an Era

Post by Renegadenemo »

It just dawned on me today, as I was buying some new hammers, that I don't actually need them for anything. Whilst looking at all those lovely shapes I was thinking to myself just where was I going to use them - then it suddenly hit me that that all the panel work is done. For the first time in I don't know how many years we don't have to build or repair any more panels.

There's some snagging to do, yes, but the outside of the boat is finished!
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Re: End of an Era

Post by sbt »

I was going to say something snarky and amusing... but then an IDEA came to me.

Could you stave off, at least temporarily, withdrawal symptoms by using any suitable spare metal you have around to make up some demonstration pieces? You could show the stages of stretching and shrinking metal, how you patched things and all of the various techniques you have used on the various panels. They could then form a display, either at the Ruskin (as this work is now a large and very important part of the history of K7) or at some other location.

You could even, in due course and if you so wished, do some 'instructional' videos for YouTube, both to help prevent the loss of these techniques and to raise awareness of the BBP.

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