Prints for sale

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Re: Prints for sale

Post by jonwrightk7 »

I agree Mike, "Full Power" really is a fine piece of work, it has pride of place on my wall next to "Patience"
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Re: Prints for sale

Post by ace_chris »

My favourite is Full Power, but as an aside the second best looking wwsr boat is Bluebird K4 and for me Arthur’s “August reflections” captures it beautifully :)

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Re: Prints for sale

Post by Renegadenemo »

I believe Novie may top us all on the art count as I think he has purchased almost every quality print made !
I currently hold the record for owning the greatest number of Arthur's originals - four in total.
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Re: Prints for sale

Post by wbjohn »

Bluebird art count = Nil
But I do know the boat is blue.

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Re: Prints for sale

Post by Richie »

Reckon you can programme a screen saver of said prints for your OLED :D
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