Isle of Bute

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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by mark-f »

Is there any video of BB up on the plane available yet, for those of us who can't get there in person?
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by Davidss »

There are several short videos in the Twitter feed showing a large rooster tail of spray, these are from before today, so could have been viewed last night (UK time).
I'm not competant to say the boat is 'on the plane'.
I don't have a Twitter account, but I can see all these via my browser.
Employer restrictions apart, I really do not understand why followers have not bookmarked already.

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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by Moonie »

Anyone on Bute able to live stream Blubird runs on Youtube (or any other live streaming service)?
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by ace_chris »

Amazing feature on the one show again tonight! Looked amazing when she was on her points!

Now the old girl running so well and clearly loves being shown off, should her display in the Ruskin be reconsidered so more people can see her run at more locations across the uk? As we know the ldnpa hardly welcomed her back with open arms so why should she be tied to the museum?
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Visit to Loch Fad (07/08/18)

Post by Aquaracer »

The realisation of a boyhood dream. Visited Loch Fad today with my long suffering partner ( who really enjoyed herself). Bluebird in the flesh - congratulations to Bill and all the team. Didn't see her underway but witnessed the static engine test - that was almost enough but will be back ,hopefully, to witness a run. What really impressed me was the reaction of the spectators when asked to move to a safe distance due to the unknown outcome of the static engine test. Everyone complied without question. What a difference to the almost ,now, normal reaction of rally fans ( "I will stand where I want and f--k you") I think the reaction I witnessed today embodies the spirit of gentlemen like Donad Campbell and his ilk. May his memory endure. Thanks again to Bill and team - also Gina - you must be so proud of the memory of your dad. ( great number plate!)
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by Malcolm Ops »

Black Knight wrote: Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:59 pm Has the canopy been recovered or is it lost?
Never say never is the motto in the team. The Loch sediment May have captured the heavy bit. Our safety diver may go looking again but that recovery is not the priority.
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by XL391 »

Congratulations to all the members of the team, an absolutely fantastic achievement by you all! You should all be rightfully proud of yourselves.
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Re: Isle of Bute

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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by LynnJ »

I am arriving on Bute lunchtime on Friday 10th. Will Bluebird be on the loch that afternoon?
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Re: Isle of Bute

Post by AGC »

Brilliant effort. Well done all. Unbelievable how few glitches so far. I'm gutted not to be able to be there, unfortunately life has got in the way this year.
Avidly following on twitter and loving the updates. How must it feel to be part of this amazing story and achievement. Enjoy your accolades you have earned them all. Hope to meet you one day and will contribute in some way when I can.
Good luck guys you deserve it.
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