Project on the home straight...

Since we sacked the Hapless Lottery Failure in those dark days of 2006 our project has fought back with passion, enthusiasm and your donations and purchases of Bluebird Project goodies. We’re winning now – the boat looks amazing and we’re delighted to have earned the support of world-class industry partners, but we still need a trickle of cash to cover the day to day things like rivets, dust masks, sanding discs – that sort of thing. So we still need your help.

We’re entirely volunteer run and fit the project around day jobs and families with no paid staff so any contribution, however small, will be gratefully accepted and used in its entirety to ensure the successful completion of this project and the return of Donald Campbell's iconic boat to her spiritual home in Coniston, Cumbria, England.

Many Thanks,
The Bluebird Project.


All donations are gratefully received and will receive a personal letter of appreciation

Bluebird K7 Restoration Fund
66 Hudson Street
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE30 1DL