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Well, we're off to Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute to see if the fruits (to date) of our crazy endeavours will pay off. Can we transport the boat? Launch it? Float it? Recover it? ...plane it?

We'll find out. The good folk on Bute have bent over backwards to make this happen in just a few short months; now it's time to repay their can-do attitude with some of our own.

To follow our progress you can check out our Twitter feed @bluebirdk7, which we’ll update as much as possible in real time; there’s also our forum here, and groups such as the Speed Record Club on Facebook. And quite a lot of media besides…

We still have our 'Go Fund Me' link below, if you'd like to help out- thank you.

Wish us luck, and we'll keep you posted!

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Bluebird on Bute

 In August 2018 Bluebird K7 will be taking to the water for the first time in 51 years for a crew training exercise on Loch Fad, on the Isle of Bute; click the image to the right to view further details.





We've started a little 'Go Fund Me' page to help keep the Project coffers topped up when we head to Bute. It's an expensive business this and not everything can be done through sponsorship, so if you fancy helping us out at all, even just to the tune of the cost of a brew and butty, it would be very much appreciated by a very hard working bunch of guys and gals. Thank you!

Go Fund Me

Please visit our diary pages to read a story that spans over ten years...

…and then please, please, please visit our shop by clicking on the button at the top of every page for a look at all the Bluebird Project goodies. Donations are always welcome too for which we’ll write and thank you personally. We rely heavily on the support of enthusiasts and promise that every penny raised goes straight back into the rebuild of this iconic example of British engineering for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by.

Thanks for your interest… The Bluebird Project team.