Once again the time has come to cram several months worth of phone calls, faxes, e-mails and meetings into a few short paragraphs and give you all the latest on our project. It’s also the third anniversary of that exciting day when we pulled our big blue boat out of the lake after 34 years in the dark.

We’re now onto the third draft of the report as compiled by Paul Jardine at Jura Consulting and it looks like being the final version. Everyone agrees on the content and it now reads really well. The latest meeting was on Friday the 5th and it saw the usual suspects assembled along with Gina and Marshall who joined us on this occasion.

The project has reached the stage where we must now formally appoint an architect and an exhibition designer. The architect is obvious, we need a building to keep the weather off. The exhibition designer’s job is to specify things like lighting, AV displays and all that malarkey. We’re also in need of a naval architect to formalise many of the issues surrounding the rebuild as it has now been properly agreed that Bluebird will be rebuilt to ‘1967 running condition.’ This means that we will have a fully finished and functional boat constructed to exactly the same specification as on the morning of January 4th 1967 including Robbie’s lead ingots and the string that holds the heat shields in position.

Terms for transferring the boat into the museum’s ownership have also been firmed up and this has allowed the release of a bit more cash to pay for the architects etc. I know it takes ages but that’s just the way it goes, however, there is now a deadline, the money to complete the project must be on the table by December of this year. We’ve never had a deadline before.

Time to get your biscuit tins out Robbie we need some more lead cast
While you're at it might as well get your string out too